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5 km


6:11 mi


It's official. I love the 5k. The race went out pretty fast and a bunch of girls that I passed went and passed me back so strategy was not quite as on p as it was last week, but nonetheless it was a pretty good race. Shaved off 6 seconds from last weekend. I was glad I did not let the chilly/haily/rainy/snowy weather affect my race. I would give my race a solid rating of 6 or 7 out of 10 overall. Not bad, pretty good, not my best. I definitely had more gas in the tank at the end of the race and I kind of chilled out the last two laps when I should have been doing the opposite.

Things I can do better next time: don't get so grumpy when people try to pass me in the last part of the race and instead actually fight them off, other stuff I forgot because this race was like 3 days ago lolz

My padres came to watch this race! Mom came in clutch with surprise pumpkin muffins and Dad made classic Dad remarks after the race and took some cute pics. <3<3<3 I am excited for the future and hopefully running more races this season and slowly but surely getting my fitness back. So glad I stuck with club running and that I have such a fresh&fun and generally great team. ::DD


Megan Mocogni