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3 km


6:18 mi

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Once upon a time I was convinced to run a race on my birthday, thinking that I would be racing with my dope racing buddy Anneliese. However we were cruelly separated into different heats but it ended up being a fun birthday anyway. I won my heat (hbd to me) and I felt like it was a pretty solid first race. Usually my first race of the track season is horrible and embarrassing so compared to usual this was pretty good. The girl I ran with most of the way was scary good at keeping me out of her lane so that was kind of annoying but I learned a lesson! I definitely will be able to improve my time which I'm relatively sure was 11:43. Megan Frintner and Anneliese let me braid their hair and I think they scared away all their competitors with how great they looked. Shout out to Megan Macogni for bringing me a chocolate cupcake!!!