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5 mi


8:04 mi


I'm in a weird mood (go figure) and feel like I could write another super reflective emotional log. But let's not. Moving along...ran 5 miles with Emma and Jack. It was cold. Riley sat with me in Stat 100 today :) And the 1st grade class I volunteer in makes my heart happy and gives me hope that maybe I will in fact like being a teacher. There is always some random shit going on in a 1st grade class and it's kind of hilarious. They make me laugh a lot. Listening to Christmas music rn and it makes me want to bake cookies and decorate my house and wrap presents. Endless lake is endlessly addicting, consider that your warning. I wish I could play the piano.



Got a double dose of Sara today with stats + my dinner date! You'll be a Fabulous teacher btw (:

Adriana Miltko

^^ agree that you'll be a good teacher; also wanted to bake today, but with being sick I wouldn't want to get others sick and I'm coughing a lot soo :(, but hey Christmas Music!!


First grade is awesome, I still remember my teacher (Mrs. Robinson, with an o not an a: she made that clear), I'm sure you are a great teacher already, Sara