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4.8 mi


7:39 mi


9.88 SKY DRINKABILITY TODAY!!! I think drinking chocolate milk is the key to my running success. I felt great the other day and I felt great today and the only common factor is chocolate milk...but anyway I felt pretty good for most of the run today. Except for like 2 min I thought my frickin left shin was hurting. It better not!! Did an out and back to fishing bridge which is my usual route. It's fun cuz I run by this little field where some elk like to hang is fenced in cuz it is ranger property but the elk enjoy it anyway which confuses the tourists. Some of them have asked "is that where they keep the animals at night?". Goodness gracious. The wind was brutal on the way back but I forged onward nonetheless. Did 4 strides in the RV parking lot and then core in my room. Swagggg

I have set a goal and I am putting it here so I actually achieve it: I was hiking elephant back (current fav trail) and I saw some random chick RUNNING UP it which sounds really really hard to me but if she can do it I can too with a little time. So by the end of the summer I want to run up elephant back.


Anneliese Schulz

"I think drinking chocolate mile is the key to my running success" -Sara Folliard (GREAT WORDS TO LIVE BY)