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5 km


6:13 mi


I was sort of dreading this race because I have never raced well with low iron but this was a pleasant surprise. It got me excited for what I'll be able to do when my iron's back up. Emma and I represented the Illinois Travelers well with our 10 out of 10 strategic race. We went out very conservatively and then gradually picked off every girl in front of us and ended up finishing 2nd and 4th, exceeding our seeds. I felt really good during the race and I was happy that I carried the effort all the way through, with my last mile being my fastest. After our race Emma and I started a vlog so we're probably going to be pretty famous. Shout out to Ali for making a mark in the triple jump!! Ended the day with a very long adventure car ride (burgers! ice cream! road closures! shaky cars!) and then Dabby's! Omg almost forgot to mention the dogs!! One was a fluffy snowball dog that was maybe Emma-dog's cousin and then a little tiny spotted dog named Lucy that I wanted to steal but didn't.

Fun fact OTD: Steve really likes soda.



wow. nice.