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5 km


6:16 mi


Car rides there and back were super fun! Didn't make much progress on a book I really need to finish but fun fact: my Dad and Steve's Dad both grew up in Oak Lawn and were on the same XC team for two years in high school. Also Steve and I went to the same places in Oak Lawn growing up. Small world.

Hung around in the gym all day thank goodness and passed the time with the team <3 but anytime I thought about the race I turned into a big negative potato. I was not excited. Considering my lack of enthusiasm/motivation, the weather, and how tired I've felt all week I guess this wasn't the WORST thing ever but still not happy at all. I'm only giving it a 4/10 b/c I definitely could have gone faster and I knew I could have gone faster but I didn't. Very briefly went out near Emma, but then let her go and then let a bunch of other girls pass me that I should have beaten. Don't feel like I really had a race this season where I went as fast as I could have but it wasn't too shabby a season for my first season back and actually training. Tons of fun though.

I'm now starting a week long or maybe a little longer break before I start running for XC. XC is my one true love and I can't wait. During the break I'm going to focus on taking my iron and making sure my shins feel fresh as hell when I start running again.



Secretly jealous that you have a connection with Steve Krauklis. Good luck getting your shins of iron! If you're down for freshman candy dinner round two we should make it happen

Sara Folliard

Your jealousy is not so secret anymore. And 100% yes for candy dinner! I love dessert!!!