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5 mi


Are you looking for an affordable, nearby, relaxing vacation destination?? Boy do I have the place for you: A little town in central IL called Urbana really knocked my socks off this weekend. Had a delightful vacation. Enjoyed soaking in local culture and supporting local businesses and getting to understand the local way of life by mingling with the friendly inhabitants of the town. Attractions include drinking, running (5 miles in the blistering sun with Riley, Anneliese, Leonel, and Evan), swimming, sleeping, and of course, great eats! Can't speak highly enough of this wonderful weekend! Already looking forward to my next trip down to U of I!

I <3 Urbana


Evan Patel

Truly a 5 star experience

Leonel Rodriguez

It went so well, I'm planning on going on another trip this summer!

Emma B

wow sounds like a great time! thanks for using tripadvisor