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10 km


6:01 mi


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12 hours out from the 5K and with 6 hours of sleep, I felt surprisingly fresh for this race! I had no expectations for this race but decided to take it as seriously as I could, and I'm happy with the results. First 2ish miles, I held onto a sub-6 pace pretty well but could feel the fatigue in my hamstrings (which felt completely recovered from Monday's injury) coming on. I was somewhat miserable for most of the race afterward, trying to balance my endurance capacity with my sore legs. I'm ecstatic for my strong finish and overall time; it's my longest-ever race and once I handled well.

With my track season now over, I'm gonna take a few days to recover and recoup, but I'm already looking forward to some base-building in the summer, where I hope to fix the mistakes I've made in training this year and also include more lifting. I'll sadly be leaving to Northwestern next year, but with luck I'll be able to join their own track club and keep up one more year of competitive races! This track club has helped me stay on my running game incredibly well, and I hope to keep in touch with this team!



Hey, i'm late on congratulating you but great job! This was a great set of strong races to watch!

Zack Fishman

Thanks Riley!