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8 km


5:51 mi


8 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

125 / 237 (52.7%)
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As my first cross country race in three years, I am pleasantly surprised by my performance! The idea of racing 8 kilometers has been intimidating from the those first few weeks I did IXC freshman year, but I fell pretty quickly into a strong racing flow. I kept my pace quick yet comfortable for the first mile or so, not wanting to go out too quickly. The crowd pushed me along from there, particularly a high school teammate on Augustana who came up to me around 2.5mi and gave me some motivation when I was slowing. The last 1.5 miles was pretty tough (a large blister on my right foot didn't help), but I am very happy that I went sub-6min pace, saying I had no clue where my race pace was.

This certainly isn't my best possible time, since a lot of it was getting used to the distance and regaining confidence, but I think it's a strong start.