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11:25 AM

3.1 mi


7:08 mi


175 bpm
191 bpm
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Trillium Virtual 5K for a fitness check: signed up because I wanted the pint glass, and at Coach Bob's suggestion, I settled on doing just 2 mi at ~5k pace/effort, then part 1 of extended cooldown to get credit for the "race". Good way to dip a toe back in without wrecking myself, feeling ready to buckle down and get to work again! Felt a little rough during warmup so I was kind of apprehensive and then it took some time to dial into the right effort. The downhill gave me a boost (well, obviously, I guess), kicked at the end just to see how far I could tick that mile average down. Paused for a few sec before continuing, legs felt great after running hard.

What I need to work on now is just as obvious as it was before: get mileage back up, work on LT and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable again. Keeping the short/quick stuff in my schedule has been good for toughening the legs to hard efforts, need to get some stamina back now.