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6:59 AM

19.2 mi


8:30 mi


160 bpm
179 bpm
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GPS has me jumping over a building or two and swimming in the river; MapMyRun says 19.4, RA map of GPS trace says 19.12, I'm splitting the difference conservatively and going with 19.2. Not that my legs really care but you know, details.

This was stupid cold and the top of my water bottle froze. Fueling/hydration pratice did not go according to plan, but took 2 Honey Stinger gels anyway, 1 at 6.3ish and 1 at 16.5ish, stomach was fine. Will try the 3rd HS gel I bought on Tuesday's MLR and if that is fine I'll probably stick with them for the marathon. Texture is not as good as Powerbar, but they seem to settle much better in my stomach than either Powerbar or Gu so far.