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6:03 AM

10 mi


8:01 mi


149.2 lb
137 bpm
162 bpm
46 bpm


55 F
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Intervals: 12 x 400m at ~5K pace, with 400m recovery jogs at ~9:00 pace or slower.

1st time at Orono track. Group of ladies doing aerobics on the track; I almost ran into one of them during one of my repeats. I believe there was plenty of room outside of lane 1 of the track ...

Felt good; not huffing and puffing at all. First lap was WAYYYY too fast, though. Which is a good sign, I guess? I had to dial it back to get closer to 6:00 pace. 6:00 pace felt very comfortable and sustainable for 400m repeats (w/ 400 recov). 5:20 pace, on the other hand, would've killed me eventually. My Max HR during the repeats was only 162 bpm; my recoveries felt pretty good between repeats (slow enough and long enough). Curious how it would've gone had I limited my recoveries to 90 sec? Or to a 200m jog?