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9:31 AM

6.7 mi


8:02 mi


149 lb
164 bpm
180 bpm
50 bpm


75 F
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Hmmm, possibly perfectly paced. I started out slowly, really easing into it. I was near the back of the first wave and watched all of the "fast" runners take off. The few that started behind me all seemed to shoot past me, too. After about a mile, I started to steadily pass quite a few people. The one young kid (14-yr-old boy) ran evenly with me for a while, then I left him behind, then he caught and passed me, then I passed him again near the end. Really strong effort by that kid! He finished just a little behind me. There was one guy who passed me looking quite strong in the last couple miles. I thought I had seen him early on, so he might be the one person I passed who later passed me again(?). Anyhow, I did a pretty good job of maintaining a steady effort; my HR looked steady at 162-164 bpm for most of the race (with a few upward excursions on the hills). A good sign 2 weeks out from the marathon.

ETA: Oh yeah, I was 1st in my AG (55-59) out of 14. 2nd guy was >12 minutes behind me!