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5:56 AM

4.6 mi


11:37 mi


150.2 lb
104 bpm
120 bpm


62 F
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Hamel Loop


Easy walk/jog. Tired legs after yesterday's 23-miler. Also, yesterday's run was at a much faster pace than other long runs this cycle, so I hope that I didn't overdo it. I fueled and hydrated during the run (Maurten in 2 bottles, water in the other 2), finishing the last of it towards the end. I took an S-cap (salt capsule) before the run, an Endurolyte capsule somewhere around mile 11 or 12, and a Gu Roctane (w/o caffeine) at mile 16. I drank Maurten roughly every 2 miles; there was still some left with ~3 miles to go, so I'd probably want to drink more of it sooner in the race.

I was on fumes by the end, so I should probably fuel more aggressively during the marathon. But overall, the mix of fluids and gels and electrolyte pills seemed to work well without upsetting my stomach.