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7:10 AM

5.1 mi


8:50 mi


152 lb
127 bpm
146 bpm
50 bpm


43 F
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Hamel Loop


Easy aerobic run, walk breaks during first mile to ease into things. The HR/Pace is starting to look better; 130 bpm for 8:20 pace seems pretty good. At my best, I may have been running 8:00's at 130 bpm, so I'm getting closer to that.

Planning to run ~12 miles tomorrow (Sun), exactly 1 week before marathon. Then nothing faster than MP after that -- and by MP, I mean MP for current fitness, ~7:30 to 8:00 pace, maybe even slower. I may do a 5 miler with 2 mi at this MP on Wed, then easy jog on Thurs, Fri Off, and ~3 mi super easy on Sat.