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7:42 AM

2.6 mi


8:42 mi


152 lb
139 bpm
166 bpm
50 bpm


54 F
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C/D after Intervals.

I had some pep in my step after the 6 x 800's. My first c/d mile was at 7:28 pace or thereabouts. It felt great!

NOTE: I measured the first mile carefully (ran in lane 1, 8" from innermost line), and it appears there is still about a 2% error -- I hit "lap" when I had run 1609 meters, and this was 0.02 miles after it auto-lapped. I had already modified the Calibration Factor from 104.3 to 104.0, but this measurement suggests that it needs to be closer to 102. I might bump it down to 103.0 as an interim step. I also know that it measured Lake Wobegon only 0.2 miles off, so I don't want to change it too much.