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6:33 AM

12.1 mi


7:40 mi


148.8 lb
148 bpm
173 bpm
50 bpm


59 F
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2.5 mi w/u, 7 mi @ ~MP-ish, 2.6 mi c/d. I set out to run at 275W of power, but I was well above that for the second half of the run. Strangely, I felt more comfortable at the slightly higher effort level -- not sure if that was real or imagined, or the result of a slight tailwind(?), or the body finally warming up(?), etc. But I saw power levels in the 290's and even over 300 Watts, and I did not feel the need to back off at all.

My splits for the first 4 Tempo miles: 7:00, 7:04, 7:04, 7:07

My splits for the last 3 Tempo miles: 6:51, 6:59, 6:49