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7:11 AM

15.5 mi


8:27 mi


151 lb
149 bpm
173 bpm
50 bpm


65 F
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Super tired and winded right from the start. Ran with Jason for about 2 miles, but told him to run on without me; he was running really strong and I was holding him back ... And I was going to die if I continued at that pace/effort.

I eased back a little and was able to find a comfortable effort. Still, my legs were fatigued from the Interval and Tempo workouts, I believe. I caught back up to Jason at mile 14 and ran with him until the very last climb. When he started running, I needed a bit more rest and let him go again. I didn't cramp!

Fun day at Afton. Got to chat with John S. (RD) after the run, which is something that usually wouldn't happen. Love that guy!