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12:28 PM

6.4 mi


7:51 mi


145.5 lb
138 bpm
157 bpm


60 F
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Afternoon run outside at work (lunch break) on LRT path. Beautiful day outside; I'm glad I slept in this morning and got to be out in the sun. I ran effortlessly today -- 7:30-ish pace for miles 3-6 at what felt like a slow jog. It is interesting that I ran a somewhat tough (but not killer) Interval workout yesterday (6 x 800m), and felt as good as I did today. Or maybe that's WHY I felt so good today? Anyhow, did a light version of SAM Easy afterwards. I plan to get up early tomorrow and get 2-3 jog/walk miles in before work. That should set me up nicely for doing my Out-n-Back on Friday morning (instead of Saturday). Lo has 2 baseball games starting pretty early on Saturday, so I may wait and do an easy run in the afternoon.

MTA: The path looked different to me. So I checked and it's been ~18 months since I last ran the LRT path near work. That blows my mind, since this used to be my MAIN running route when I was getting back into running with the VFFs, etc. (until I started going for longer runs and doing them exclusively in the mornings). I can't believe it's been that long. Not ONCE last summer! Huh.

Training Plan Entry

Aerobic Run

7 mi

8:15 pace