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7:02 AM

7.8 mi


8:07 mi


146.2 lb


57 F
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27 minute (3 mile) w/u, then 30 minutes Fartlek: 3 min ON, 2 min STEADY, which was close to 7:00/8:00 for paces. Not what I would normally try to run (I would normally shoot for faster paces), but this felt "just right" given my current training status. It did not feel strained at any point, and I actually sped up a little bit as I went. Interestingly, the soreness in my legs was not noticeable at all, UNTIL the very end when I ran slowly to cool down (the last 3/4 mile). I'm wondering if it is a fast twitch/slow twitch thing, and my FT muscles kicked in during the Fartlek today, but slowing down at the end but the strain again on my (apparently) under-developed ST muscle fibers. If true, I need to really slow down the pace on my run tomorrow (Aerobic) and on my Long Run this weekend (Sunday), but my plan was to push slightly on the Out&Back run on Saturday (high end Aerobic, close to MP). I'm thinking 8:30 - 9:00 pace (or equivalent effort) for the Aerobic and Long Runs, and maybe in the 7:45 pace/effort range for the O&B. (Ideally, I will figure out what "Power" equates to running at these paces on a flat, windless track, and run at that power, and not be driven solely by pace. But these pace numbers give me a good sense of how hard I should be running.)