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5:42 AM

4.3 mi


8:11 mi


146 lb
102 bpm
117 bpm


67 F
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Hamel Loop


1.6 mi w/u, 1.0 mi at 5:49, 1.7 mi c/d

I didn't think I was running faster than 6 min/mile pace ... until about the 3/4 mile point it started to feel difficult. I eased up a bit in the last quarter to finish in 5:49. I think my pace (per GPS) was around 5:41 at the 3/4 mi point.

NOTE: A woman was roller-blading around the park loop as I was warming up. She passed me at a leisurely pace just a short ways before I intended to start my mile. When I started running fast, I caught up to her pretty quickly. She seemed annoyed and was starting to speed up when I passed her. Then, around the half mile point, I was coming up fast on a jogger, when I can hear the roller-blader screaming up from behind me. She passes me and the jogger on the jogger's right at almost the same exact time that I passed the jogger on her left. The jogger was startled and a bit amused, I think.

Training Plan Entry

Up Tempo

4 mi

1.5 mi w/u and c/d, 1 mi @HMP (6:35 pace)

Dress Rehearsal