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5:38 AM

12 mi


7:39 mi


147 lb
136 bpm
163 bpm
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LMLS, O&B, 12 mi total, details:

2.5 mi w/u, 1.5 mi @ 8.5 mph, 2 mi @ 8.6 mph, 1 mi @ 9.1 mph, 3 mi @ 8.7 mph, 2 mi c/d

SAM Hard.

Had to stop TWICE during this run for pit breaks. Once after the w/u, no biggie. But again after the first mile at 8.7 mph (after the 1 mi at HMP)! I still had 2 miles left at MP to finish up. Probably a 3-minute break. Oh well. Happy with the workout. It would've been nice to see my HR numbers over the 3 miles at 8.7 mph without the break. The avg HR of 150 in the first mile following HMP is good; the 146 avg HR in the 3rd mi is good as well. My avg HR in full marathons has been around 153 in the handful of races where I have HR data, so I like the numbers today as a fitness indicator. More to come.

Training Plan Entry

Out & Back

10 mi


Alternations: 10 (to 12?) alternating between 9.1 mph and 8.5 mph every 0.5 miles.