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5:30 AM

10 mi


7:37 mi


150.4 lb
123 bpm
161 bpm
42 bpm


58 F
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Hamel Loop


42 bpm Resting HR last night! 43 was lowest previous reading.

Out&Back, shorter than normal due to 5K in 3 days. However, good results -- 6:54 pace during the 7.2 mile portion, at an estimated avg HR during that time of ~151 bpm.

I shortened my O&B workout a little -- 7.2 miles vs. 8.8 miles. 2 things: my HRM is dying earlier and earlier, so the battery is probably done. My HR numbers were erroneously low about half-way into the run. Also, I could not get RA to upload the run today, even though it shows up in Garmin Connect AND in Strava. Everything above was entered manually. For the AVG HR, I looked at the graph in Garmin Connect, and I was averaging around 151 bpm before it dropped low, and I kept the effort pretty steady during the second half of the O&B, so I think it is a pretty good estimate. It is slightly higher than my normal Friday O&B's, but only by 3 or 4 bpm. I probably am due to start upping the HR anyhow, so today was a good kickoff to that. Avg Pace of 6:54 was nice to see, especially with a 6:40 and a 6:42 in the mix.

NOTE: The right hamstring felt fine today, so I am hopeful I can run a decent 5K on Monday.