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5:37 AM

10 mi


8:26 mi


142.6 lb
137 bpm
167 bpm
50 bpm


76 F
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Hamel Loop


Intervals: 12 x 90 sec (~400m), with 400+ m recovery jogs.

Avg Pace during repeats was 5:26 min/mi. The last one (#12) was by far the slowest -- 5:44.

Started with a 5:18 (fastest), and had just 3 that I would consider "slow" -- 5:35, 5:35 and 5:44. 7 of them were 5:23 pace or faster.

I ran these with a decent tailwind on Hunter Drive (ran North, jogged South back to starting point), which obviously helped. However, I had no idea what my pace was while running, and I would've guess-timated closer to 6:00 pace. I actually wondered if I was running faster than 6:00 pace, because it didn't feel that fast ... yet I remembered running the 1-Mile repeats last week around 6:05 avg pace, so I guess it makes sense.

I took an e-Gel before leaving the house; no problems.

HR peaked at ~167 bpm on one of the repeats (#9), which seems appropriate for this workout. Still some soreness in the legs, but again, not noticeable DURING the fast portions of the workout.