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5:51 AM

10.8 mi


7:53 mi


145 lb
153 bpm
161 bpm
46 bpm
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9.5 Mile PCR on TM. Goal pace was 7:27, so I bounced between 8.0 and 8.1 mph on TM. I also switched incline from 1% to 0% to balance out the effort level, and it seemed to stay very level (based on HR data -- 153 bpm rising slowly to 155 bpm by the end). My last mile was at 8.3 mph (7:14 pace), and HR was at 155 bpm.

I stayed within the RW HR range of 152-169 bpm; not sure if I should be pushing it harder, since this felt plenty tough. I think spending over an hour with HR above 160 would be incredibly difficult. On the other hand, RW lists 169 bpm as the "Max," and 152 as the "Min," so this perhaps factors in outdoor running conditions where there might be a hill or two that causes my HR to get up higher -- I am certain this would happen if I was actually outdoors! But should I actually incorporate a "Hill" or two into my TM routine? It seems better for now (i.e., in the Hills Phase), to keep my efforts relatively steady. Intervals start in 1.5 weeks, and my HR numbers will be all over the place after that!