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11:02 AM

17 mi


7:34 mi


148 lb
156 bpm
172 bpm
47 bpm


66 F
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16 mile Cty6 Homstd 24 Medina Rd Dunkirk 25th

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This is the day I got back from the run and got sick! I had a Gu during cooldown mile, drank water, then when I got home, I ate a bag of HoneyStinger fruit chews, then pounded some Gatorade, ate a banana and a Clif bar. I got very nauseous -- I believe it was the HoneyStinger, but the rapid ingestion of all that crap probably wasn't a good idea. I ran well, though. About a 7:14 pace for 15 miles! And it was HOT! First warm day running, and it reached about 82 degrees!