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5:46 AM

10 mi


8:03 mi


147.5 lb
140 bpm
163 bpm
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LMLS, 6x1200m intervals, SAM Hard

Changed it to 6 x 5minON/3minRECOV, with 9.2 mph (6:31 pace) for ON, and 6.0 mph for RECOV

This was NOT a hard workout. Also, the 5 minutes covers more than 1200m at this pace (despite the distances shown above), and 3 min was more than enough time to recover. The AVG HR during each repeat is only around 152 bpm, although I finished near 160-163 after each. Next week, I will use 9.3 mph and 1.5% incline for this workout. I plan to bump it up to 9.5 mph for the 3rd/final week of this ("1/2 Effort" for the 3rd week, vs. "1/4 Effort" the first two weeks).

Although I still have some lingering effects of my cold, it did not affect this workout at all. On Thursday (in 2 days), I will do 12 x 400m, and my paces will be ~0.5 mph faster -- so, 9.7 or 9.8 mph this week, faster than 10.0 by the 3rd week.

Training Plan Entry


11 mi

7K total:

6 x 1200m @ ~6:40 pace, with 3-4 min jogs