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8:20 AM

12 mi


9:34 mi


151.2 lb
138 bpm
163 bpm
50 bpm


29 F
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Hamel Loop


VERY WINDY, with snow and ice. No fuel, and I was starting to bonk towards the end — maybe that’s a good training stimulus? Also some fatigue from yesterday’s O&B run, so today FELT much more difficult than what the numbers show. Power was low, for example, but I wonder if the soft snow combined with some slipping on ice causes the power to measure low. The air contribution to power should have been huge today, but overall power numbers were around 210, which is the middle of the easiest range for me. OR, maybe my slow twitch endurance has been completely lost, such that I ran surprisingly well yesterday at close to LT effort, but really struggled today at a much lower intensity.

Today was tough. MTA: B/Mi = 1320. Not really good for comparing, though. (B/Mi would be VERY high if climbing a mountain, for example. Today was just really difficult conditions. It will be interesting to see what the next Aerobic run results in for B/Mi.)