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8:02 AM

13.1 mi


6:42 mi


154 bpm
171 bpm


54 F

Race Result

100 / 1396 (7.2%)
4 / 65 (6.2%)
84 / 702 (12%)
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I got boxed in way far back at the start. I mean, pace was around 9:30 about 1 minute into the race. However, this seems to work really well for me. Once things started to open up, I steadily passed a lot of runners. I was only passed by one runner at mile 9 or so, and he FLEW by. But I was able to catch and pass some decent runners. More importantly, I latched onto 6:40 pace early on and never slowed down, AND it never felt strained. HR steady at 154-156 until the last mile or so, where I picked up the pace to about 6:25.

No PR today, but good result 4 weeks out from TCM. Skechers GoRun Razor 3’s are very nice! I felt like I could’ve sustained 6:40 for 20 miles or more today.



What a metronome -- just clicking those miles off...


Yeah, it felt very comfortable out there today. I’d see familiar faces ahead and was able to reel them in, one by one. Thanks for cheering us on!