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7:37 AM

15.8 mi


10:36 mi


148 lb
131 bpm
163 bpm
48 bpm


72 F
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July 4th at Afton. Race was canceled, but I met up with Les and Jason and ran the 25K course. We did not run hard, but the heat and humidity were pretty brutal. Total time elapsed was around 2:47, as we stopped a few times to figure out where we were and which way to go.

I drank 2 bottles of water, then refilled both bottles and finished those on the course. Still, I was dehydrated enough to drink a LOT of fluids after I finished and on my drive home. Hydration and electrolytes will be my focus for cramp prevention in my next marathon. PRE-hydration is something I need to be better at, with high sodium fluids the night before and the morning of. And I just need to resign myself to stopping for a pee break early in the race -- really no way around it.