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5:33 AM

12.2 mi


7:42 mi


148 lb
48 bpm


39 F
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Hamel Loop


LMLS, Hansons' Strength workout = 3 x 2mi @ HMP, w/ 0.5 mi recoveries, 2.5 mi w/u, 2.66 mi c/d, SAM Hard

1: 6:30 avg pace

2: 6:24 avg pace

3: 6:20 avg pace

Encouraging. It is strange that my pace improved with each set. I thought I started out conservatively in the first one. But it felt difficult, SOOO I thought I eased off a bit in the second one. And I felt like I was really easing off on the third one. Anyhow, it felt fast and relaxed throughout. I could NOT sustain these paces for a half marathon, at least I don't think so ... maybe 6:35 pace, but not 6:17 pace. Anyhow, next week is 2 x 3 miles, and I should really run closer to 6:35 or 6:40 avg pace throughout.