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7:10 AM

4.5 mi


7:05 mi


152 lb
156 bpm
170 bpm
50 bpm


52 F
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6 x 800m, w/ 400m

Ran by Power -- goal power of 310 to 315 W. I typically started out each rep a bit "hot" with power in the 320's, and I would drop low at some point to ~305, but I think I hit the goal effort pretty well on most of these. My splits were pretty consistent, even though I did not look at pace. The biggest outlier was rep #5, in 2:57, almost 4 sec faster than my slowest rep. I think I took a slightly longer recovery lap (10 sec longer, roughly) and had re-hydrated a bit after the 3rd lap, so maybe it gave me a boost? Anyhow, it wasn't a huge outlier.

This workout felt much easier than last week, AND it was a relief to feel good after how wiped out I felt following the Sunday Long Run.