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6:34 AM

12 mi


7:28 mi


150 lb
152 bpm
176 bpm
50 bpm


71 F
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2 w/u, 8 miles @ MP (~7:00), 2 c/d. The MP miles were done Alternation-style, running ~4:30 minutes at close to HMP (6:40 - 6:45), and balance of that mile (~2:30 minutes) at probably close to 7:30 - 7:45 pace. My average pace was very close to 7:00 for the full 8 miles, so I'm pretty happy with the effort.

It didn't feel nearly as humid this morning as in past mornings (although I was still dripping wet when I finished). It was smoky-smelling, and it made me pause as I began running, but it was not a factor during the run at all. I did 2 things that maybe helped the effort feel easier/faster than expected today: I wore the Endorphin Pros, and I took a gel before the run. That's probably what made the run go as well as it did.