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7:04 AM

6.3 mi


8:14 mi


150.6 lb
143 bpm
182 bpm


31 F
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Hamel Loop


2 mi time trial -- 6:08, 6:06. I'm very surprised to see that the second mile was faster than the first. I really felt like I was dying and SLOWING, but apparently not. Well, I was definitely dying, just not slowing.

Weird HR data -- at a little past 1.5 miles, the HR plot shows a drop, then an increase (both are somewhat gradual, not instantaneous changes). But the HR was increasing when this happened, which makes me wonder how high my HR would have gotten. My Max HR is 182, which is still probably pretty close, but judging how my HR was steadily climbing at that point, I would think it would have continued upward past 185 or so. Maybe.

Also, wondering if I'll ever be able to sustain a 6:00 pace for a 5K again. I definitely would not have been able to maintain my speed today for another mile.