Altra Torin 4 (Bloo Grey) (retired)

Equipment Info
Activity: Run
Shoe size: 11.00 (US/Canada)
Total distance: 285.14 mi
Price: $110.00
Notes: Feet are not feeling great in shoes since getting back from the long trail and I wanted a wider, cushioned pair of shoes to wear on easy days. Tried on the Saucony Ride and some other at Marathon Sports but these felt by far the best. Lots of arch support which I think will make the zero drop more palatable, but a little uncertain. Teddy loves them so fingers crossed. Retiring at 285 miles because even with some heel lifts in these they seem to bug my achilles a bit. Just not sure I can train the way I want to in zero drop, but I'll wear these for volleyball/whatever else.
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