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5 km


5:42 mi

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First race of the grand prix this fall. Wasn't super happy with how it went but this was a tough week of work and running so it wasn't really a bad outcome. Just seems a little weak to race 5k and average over 5:40. My watch said I was a little slower but it also had the course about 3 hundredths short and who knows how accurate my watch was on all the turns. I had splits of 5:37, 5:51 and 5:57 +15s to the finish. Tried to take it out smart but this felt pretty fast pretty early. Tried not to let off the pressure and almost hung with Remi in the last mile after catching him on the hills but I just didn't have the juice once we were running on the flat again.

Gotta do more workouts on grass and get back to regular lifting and I think xc will feel totally different. To quote John circa January 2011 "No more pussy-ass, chicken shit training"

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5 km


GBTC Invitational