Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

3.13 mi19:15.576:10HR Turkey Day 5K11/24/2011View Race
3.36 mi21:55.656:32Miles for Tuesday 5K8/29/2015View Race
10.00 mi1:10:29.407:03Wildcat Mountain 10 Miler10/9/2010View Race
12.80 mi1:28:34.466:56HR Backcountry Half Marathon11/10/2012View Race
Half Marathon1:29:37.026:51Boulder Spring Half Marathon3/14/2010View Race
20.00 mi2:24:537:15Wildcat Mountain 20 Miler10/6/2012View Race
25.87 mi4:49:30.2711:12Leadville Trail Marathon6/17/2017View Race
Marathon3:09:46.297:15Colorado Marathon5/3/2009View Race
26.41 mi3:42:03.188:25Run Through Time Marathon3/15/2014View Race
28.02 mi4:11:57.169:00Arches Ultra 50K1/25/2020View Race
30.98 mi4:15:37.038:16Bear Chase 50k9/26/2015View Race
31.40 mi5:17:35.5710:07Golden Gate Dirty Thirty6/1/2013View Race
31.88 mi5:51:07.6511:01Golden Gate Dirty Thirty5/31/2014View Race
31.99 mi5:13:22.129:48North Fork 50K6/3/2017View Race
32.03 mi5:59:40.4511:14Golden Gate Dirty Thirty5/30/2015View Race
33.84 mi4:50:58.178:36Moab's Red Hot 55k2/18/2012View Race
46.34 mi8:34:1811:06Silver Rush 507/17/2011View Race
47.60 mi8:11:2610:20Silver Rush 507/14/2013View Race
48.70 mi7:57:13.309:48Arches Ultra 50 Mile1/27/2018View Race
49.82 mi9:50:22.2811:52Silver Rush 507/8/2018View Race
50.00 mi8:03:009:40Collegiate Peaks 505/4/2013View Race
50.73 mi10:06:01.4811:57Quad Rock 505/14/2016View Race
50.82 mi9:40:20.6311:26Quad Rock 505/10/2014View Race
51.45 mi11:48:3113:47San Juan Solstice 506/18/2011View Race
52.36 mi10:03:1111:32Collegiate Peaks 505/6/2017View Race
62.02 mi10:31:06.1310:11Bandera 100K1/11/2014View Race
62.53 mi13:24:10.0712:52Palmer Lake Death Race4/13/2019View Race
100.00 mi22:27:4313:29Leadville Trail 1008/18/2013View Race
100.50 mi39:10:0423:24Hardrock 1007/15/2016View Race
102.50 mi23:45:5513:55Run Rabbit Run 1009/12/2014View Race