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7:00 PM

1 mi


4:49 mi


Wooo! Won! Unexpected, especially after the past few days! Went with Cap'n Mick Nick himself, didn't know what to expect from these things because the winners are usually around 4:45 or faster but they used a 6:15 cutoff to split the heats. Good showing, I think... but it's my first so who knows. 50ish in mile?

Didn't really expect to go under 5, just kind of wanted to race because I'm PEOPLE STARVED these days. Kept it comfortable first lap for about a 73 in 6thish, picked off some on lap 2 for about a 72. Was ready to go on 3 but held back on Mike's shoulder in 3rd with a 75, and as soon as we hit the line I moved past Mike and chased down the leader and took the lead on the last straight for a 68. The place was a surprise, the time was a surprise (in trainers too!)... just a fun day. Needed some mid-summer motivation, got it.