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9:00 AM

5 km


5:30 mi

Race Result

1 / 303 (0.3%)


Niiiiiice easy relaxed win. Turns out there was NO CASH PRIZE which explains why the winning time is so slow every year. Oh well, ego boost at least. Wanted to do as little as possible to win... definitely not running for time. Can only ask so much with 12 hours between 5ks haha. Plan was to hop behind whoever was leading for a mile, then work on opening it up if there were no studs. Turns out Parker's dad decided to go for it, so I ran side by side with him in what ended up being a very comfortable 5:20, though he started to fade a little before the mile. From there I was able to chill pretty hard, ran the next two in 5:35 with plenty in the tank if I needed to start moving, but no one was around (ended up being about a min+ win) so I just cruised and enjoyed the lead.

Ha glad I didn't have to work for it because I was definitely running on some tired, well, everything -- had a hard time sleeping last night after the late race and drive back. So... if I had known there was no prize.......... haha


Brian Crowley

I didn't know you were in it for the money.................

Paul Malek

First one is free, second one is a different story