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9:16 AM

5 km


5:29 mi


62 F

Race Result

1 / 1214 (0.1%)


Hey a win is a win. My official story is that after being way out in front by the mile, I took my foot off the gas to conserve the legs. There was really no reason to kill myself today considering I've got the more important 10k on Sat, had a quick time in the books from last week, and the W was all but assured from the get go. Plus I was definitely regretting letting my ego get the best of me before the race so I definitely took the opportunity to lay off when presented with it. You can believe that or not, dgaf. I'm not even saying I was good for sub 16:30 today, but it def wasn't all-out at least.

Anyway, again I'll admit this was all about ego. This was the race I ran last year with the untimed bib accidentally, and even though I knew there was no prize or anything, I still felt the need to go back to get an official top 3. I mean it was less than 1/2 mi from my apt, how could I not! Fortunately (though also unfortunately #cheapwin) competition was even softer this year. Recognized a couple guys when we were lining up but no one that has beaten me before. Was able to start on the line this year because one of the race volunteers kept bringing me and a couple other guys to the line as kids and old ladies kept trying to move in front of us (not that I gaf), so had no traffic and was in front immediately. From there it was just me and the motorcycle. He was really chill, he was always aware of the tangents and would make sure to give me the best route, plus would often ride beside me so I wasn't breathing exhaust the whole time. Ended up 54s up.

I mean, I shouldn't be so hard on myself for doing this... it's actually a really fun, high-energy race, even if it's very clearly way more of a charity event than a running event. There are people cheering from outside their houses, the finish was crazy loud, the slower runners/walkers were super enthusiastic when I met back up with them on the course, and the event is really well run, so I don't regret it. But still, it does make me feel like a road whore. Oh well, at least my road whoriness means a little more money to a charity each time. Unofficially ran slower than last year but officially I'm batting 1.000, haha.



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