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2:45 PM

18 mi


6:23 mi


45 F
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Was on the fence about doing a workout LR considering I ran a few faster miles yesterday but once the idea was in my head I had a hard time shaking it... LRWOs just feel so much more engaging and fulfilling than easy LRs though there's obviously a place for both. Since this week's quality has been pretty much all tempo or tempo-ish, I knew that if I did a workout I'd do "MP" stuff. (Again, I know 6:05-6:10 isn't my true MP now but for the sake of workouts I'm okay with it... I feel really good there and it gives me a good mental boost too.)

Aimed for 4E-12M and it went off without a hitch for the most part, and I even added a few more miles on the end. Thought I'd shorten or punt if I wasn't feeling good but I cruised along no problem. Felt good, tired but certainly not dead by the end of the workout portion. Not super fresh like my GOAT LR either though but I think that can be explained by things like caffeine, water, and adrenaline.

Week was dece, not a killer week in Brookfield but got enough done. Year in review later.