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12:55 PM

1 mi


4:41 mi


Huge improvement over last week, but it's still not the time I want. Pretty happy overall though. Race was pretty interesting, first 200 was quick (32ish?) so I eased off the main pack and started running smarter while the eager beavers kept on churning in front. There was a big gap and I wasn't competitive up front in the race, but I was running MY race. Controlled 5 laps, strong 6th lap, and two laps of pushing (as opposed to last week when I felt dead by 3). Apparently my last two laps were not as strong as I would have thought, though, because I'm pretty sure I was mid 3:27 with 400 left. (Might not be right about that.) But, mile again next week. If I can turn that 72ish last 400 into a 68 and shave a second off each other quarter, States B still isn't out of the question. Let's hope I get into the fast heat at LLs for once...

Last week I felt completely unfocused and out of control. This week I was in control but within comfort zone. Hoping for everything to go right next week.

Oh yeah, and a PR. Just beats my 4:40.33 1500m conversion too, so PR on all accounts.