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6:44 PM

5.1 mi


7:47 mi


149 bpm
164 bpm


76 F
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Gonna think out loud here a bit...

Little torn. I know I *should* probably be running this slow or slower, but man keeping the HR low is pretty tedious stuff.Got a little impatient at the end. End of the day, I think runs like this are very appropriate for EZ days, but I'm definitely going to make sure I'm working in frequent strides afterwards if I'm going to diddle around like this so often.

Of course the unknown variable is my max HR. I've demonstrated 200 before but I'll wear during the 5k next weekend to see if I go higher. I think absolute best case scenario is that 150 is about 71% of max which still seems borderline too high based off some recommendations online for EZ days anyway. Confounding factor is heat and humidity, but that's not terrible right now, so it's only going to get worse in the summer. We'll see!