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11:00 AM

6.5 mi


6:56 mi

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Holy. Shiz.

UGLY ugly day. Slept in a little by accident (no work today because I worked on the 4th), but thought I could still beat some heat... told me 11:00 would only be 78 degress. MY ASS IT WAS. Hopped on the track with my paces all set, started a little faster by accident like always. Was aiming for 8 miles with a 17 second drop each mile starting at 7:30.

7:20 7:06 6:53 3:24 (for .5)

Lap 13 was fine, but lap 14 was 7 seconds slower and I felt miserable. Decided to stop to grab some water quickly and take my inhaler which I had forgotten in the morning. I know stopping midway kind of defeats the purpose of the progression run but I was fading fast. Came back out, decided to give it 3 more miles with conservative ambitions.

6:52 6:39 6:44

Had to call it there, couldn't hit the pace and was working way too hard and getting light-headed.

Terrible day, terrible preparation. Might try for some miles later tonight but the temp's supposed to keep rising so I think I'm going to cut my losses for today and get ready for a quality long run tomorrow (BEFORE the heat for real).