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9.9 mi


6:49 mi

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3 unmapped up, 5 fartlek, 2 unmapped down. Fartlek portion was 4x(35on/60off) 6x(70on/120off) 4x(35on/60off). Same idea as the other day, ON is supposed to be R pace so approx 200s and 400s with equal jog rest. Couldn't tell you what pace I was actually going on the pickups... again, set clock with 4:40/8:00 in mind and that nearly perfectly gives the pace I ran (would be 6:20 avg), but I still expect ON was slower and OFF was faster than intended paces. Not getting hung up on the specifics just yet, just making sure that the ON is a hard but controlled effort and OFF is whatever I need to keep ON honest.

Kept W/U-C/D soft on grass or trails so I don't know paces there. Did the "400" section in one neighborhood and totally just let my mind go blank... in doing so, I'm pretty sure I took the wrong road once and shortened one of the loops. Maybe I didn't, which would knock about 8 seconds off the fartlek pace, but I go conservative to be safe and assume I did. Maybe I'll get a GPS watch...

EDIT: Looking at the map again, now I'm not sure... first mile was 6:05, know that... and first loop, definitely full, was 6:05 pace too. I'm not one for slowing down on workouts much. Whatever, I'll leave it.