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6:00 PM

1500 m


4:47 mi


Eh, really shitty race but not going to really let it get to me. It's been a weird past two weeks with this kind of double taper. Workouts have been feeling really rough/forced, even though they've been good quality. I've been getting some of my best and most consistent sleep this season this week, but still didn't feel super energetic, even with the short runs. Wet air is always bad for my asthma, but I don't think that played too big of a role. Probably should have just stopped training, but right after my last race I felt good and primed for another big PR, so it's hard to walk away from that. Can't fault myself for trying I guess.

As far as race breakdown (not that it really matters)... bad start, was assigned 1 and got boxed in a bad place. Slow beginning, 51+ for 300 so I made a move to 2nd behind Pat, 68 for 400. It was probably dumb to move so quick but I wanted a 65 to start, so I needed to get moving. Pat started to take off but my second lap wasn't too bad even though he opened a gap. Ran 68.x according to Coach, but was still 4+ seconds behind where I wanted to be by 800. My strategy for the race was to run out of my comfort zone for the middle where I'm normally lacking. So with about 600 to go, I tried to push more, but I ended up feeling really fatigued and apparently slowed down a lot. When I saw 3:11+ at the bell after trying to pick up and getting passed by...everyone, I mentally checked out. Bad day.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this season, but like most seasons I don't believe my SBs reflected my fitness level... but hey, who doesn't think they could have gone faster. I think I showed some of my smartest, most aggressive racing and made my best challenges to my goals out of any season. Plus, ultimately I think my 4:16 is my best running performance to date, even if I was close to beating it. It's pretty shitty that after 3 years, I have no states q's to my name, but I'm doing things that I never would have thought myself capable of 4 years ago, so perspective is important. Each year I've improved, and though I might not be built for running, I'm proud of the work that I've put in to get to where I am. I feel like I'm ending this season with unfinished business, but hey, it's good not to be satisfied and to keep pushing. College track may be over but no reason that track should be over.

So, on to XC. Very excited to put in some quality work this summer, looking forward to my best season yet... but for now, a little break.