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8:34 AM

10 km


5:46 mi


66 F

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3 / 563 (0.5%)

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James Island Connector Run

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Well dang, that's not so great. Shitty race, very disappointed. Yes it's a tough course, and yes it was warm for a 10k, but I at least thought I'd be faster than last year and instead I wasn't even close. Believe it or not, still good for 3rd and $100. But I would say that my 16:21 was almost definitely short based off this.

10k run over the bridge going into James Island. Definitely harder than CRBR having run both now, so PR wasn't even on the mind. Won't redescribe the course, all that's in last year's log. Though I'm pissed at myself, I still had a lot of fun and it's a very great race and great course, even if it's not a fast one.

Was pretty jacked for this race because I had a fun time here last year. I knew Chris Bailey and Brian Johnson were signed up ahead of time so figured at best I was running for 3rd, even though I was going to try to keep it close to Brian. On the start line I was still looking good for 3rd, but once we got started I lost contact with those two pretty quickly. For most of the way out I was running with two guys in the 5k which was chill, and out of the 4 in front of us I was pretty sure only Chris and Brian were doing the 10k. Sure enough, they were the only two to turn around, but I was surprised to have some company pretty close by when I turned, <10s back I think. Tried to run a quick 4th so he wouldn't just hang on me until the end, and while I did move away from him, I evidently really didn't pick up at all. 5th mile was just pain, strong headwind and mostly uphill, but obviously it wasn't a 6:45, that marker was off... definitely very slow though. 6 is the most consistently favorable mile of the course, and I felt like I was moving but clearly I wasn't... must have just been toast by then. Put RA's splits along my manual splits from the mile markers.

Last year I ran approximate splits of 18:18/16:58. I thought I was too conservative to start last year, so I was happy through 5k this year (~17:45) and really thought I was executing well until I saw mile 4's split. Needless to say mile 5's was extremely discouraging, even knowing it was long. After 6's split I let out an audible "fuck" and wanted to jog it in but decided not to be a total bitch. Ultimately, I think I was helped by a tailwind on the 2nd half a lot more than I remember last year, and somewhat similarly didn't recognize/take advantage of the tailwind on the 1st half this year. Seems like you only ever realize you had a tailwind after you turn around and have to run into it! I know Chris and Brian positive split too, so that in itself isn't necessarily something to be ashamed of, but still. I don't know, just trying to look for reasons in addition to not being in good shape. Who knows though... it's easy to say I got too hung up on splits as an indication of effort on the 1st, but if I had run 17/18 ish splits I'd surely be lamenting now about how I cooked myself in the first half.

Hopefully it's just an off day because I really don't think I'm in such worse shape than last year... honestly felt like I was in better shape until today, even though I'm light on workouts. To top things off, my foot is still bothering me... last thing I want to do is ignore it and run into a much bigger problem if it is one. Either way I'll probably just elliptical for the next few days while I try out some more calf stretches or trigger points or something. So much for 6days/wk to avoid injury. To be continued on that.