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8:29 AM

10 km


5:38 mi


56 F

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James Island Connector Run

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Solid! 34:57 official, something like 17:52/17:05. Wind generally more favorable on the way back but I was definitely cooking at the end, especially when I realized sub-35 was within reach. This is actually officially my 3rd fastest 10k, though it doesn't feel like that should be true (since this is basically my 15k PR pace). But definitely happy with the time on this reasonably challenging course for sure... best time here by about 20 seconds. Temp was great, good amounts of wind throughout but that's to be expected. Had a good time catching up with some friends after.

Previous years' logs have more detailed descriptions of the course so I won't bother with that here. I'm comfortable with calling it a challenging course relative to most flat races around here. Realized I was settling in a bit too much on mile 1 so kicked it into gear a bit and kept upping the ante from there. Maybe too conservative on the way out but it's hard to tell since it's the harder half by a bit and I think the windier half today. I think I could maybe give my PR a scare right now if I got on the track, which of course wasn't how my PR was set but still pretty cool to think about.