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7:22 PM

8.5 mi


8:02 mi


71 F
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Very easy Monday running, was nice. Prescribed burns at the trails for which they actually closed trails for once, but unfortunately even the trailhead parking lot was closed so I couldn't do my normal Monday road loop! So had to go home and was lazy getting out the door but no biggie. Only problem is another 6am call tomorrow (aka 4:45am wake up) so gonna be another ~7 night... need to start getting 8 consistently!

Ya so no double this morning, got to bed later than I wanted, but I don't really like Monday doubles at all anyway... in fact I think you'd be hard-pressed to find one that I've done! With the early day tomorrow, should have no problem getting out before 3 and will try to get 2 afternoon runs in (morning out of the question atm).