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14.1 mi


7:15 mi


Bonkity bonk bonk. Way hot out today of course, and went during an especially hot time of the day because trails are closed until 9 for hunting and then was busy with fam activities for a while after. Anyway, took it was slow and easy to start to make sure I wasn't going to die, and I was doing fine. At around 65 I started to up the pace a bit and was feeling good for a while, but around 90 I started to really really get hot and was on my way to bonk town. Right around 100 my form started getting sloppy and was getting little dizzy and since I was right by my car, I just stopped at 102. Only a little longer time-wise than last week, and slightly shorter distance, but I did what I could today. Lost fluids walking around in the heat with the fam earlier and didn't replenish enough. My bad.

Only good news was that compared to last week, I was 3 min slower through 8 but only 2 min slower through about 13.5 so I gained a minute over the last 40... then again, it wasn't downpouring. Not too worried, this was all weather and inadequate prep. Pace just an estimate based off last week.